When you wake up in the morning in the USA Turn on your Television Goodmorning or Today There's a correlation tween whats on your display And your health, your fears, and what you weigh Anchors talk about bombs, in Baghdad Tech segment makes you wish you had the new doo-dad They give you anxiety in between each ad Because your more likely be buy things, if you feel sad See in the early nineteen thirties, the big companies Realized Americas economy must overshadow it's needs One man invented advertising so companies could get their way He called it the engineering of consent, and his name was Ed Bernays Back to your morning it's time to eat Breakfast used to be toast and a cup of coffee Bernays used ads to make that seem incomplete So now breakfast is cereal or a piece of meat Bernays told companies "Create a feeling of DOOM!" So we'd want the company of things that can be consumed If you are what you buy it's your identity, blame last name Bernays, first name E! Sell anything to people if they think they need more Use techniques of sex and violence cause it's hard to ignore If you think it'll make you happy you'll go to a store And if you think your in danger, you'll support a war From Dodge to Jim Beam to Chiba and CBS Use Bernays technique to achieve their success Proctor and Gamble, even Hellman's Mayonnaise, General Electric, were all clients of Bernays Thanks to Bernays, companies control what you see From what you wear, to what you drink, to what you wanna be It all comes down to Bernays simple theory Reduce people to anger, lust, fear and envy So if your fat, sick or scared and you wanna know why Don't blame fate or luck or the man in the sky Until you turn off your TV, companies will all get their way you're being manipulated by Ed Bernays!

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