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The vision is to offer complete visibility of your media sites together, all open in one place, a different media experience for businesses and entrepreneurs. Another way to grow your brand, saving time managing your media presence.

Numerous years experience of direct sales and marketing, and collaboration with many online marketers and businesses, prompted me to look for other ways their services and products could be found.

The opportunity embedding social media within your own website, and posting from one platform, must surely be a time-saving benefit.

A great integration, if your website gets located and seen.

It was 2013 when I realised the missing link was for us to access all of our media sites on one simple platform and founded Yogull.com. My goal was to build and revolutionise the style and potential of business media communications.

Working with a strong team of I.T designers I discovered the potentials within direct marketing and sales when combined with the internet. I uncovered the future. The vision is to offer complete visibility of your media sites together, all open in one place, a more aware social media experience for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Yogull is growing

From day one, I was buzzing with the talent I had associated with. I was driven by their experience and passion, filling IT gaps to maximise Yogull's true internet potential.

I have always taken as many opportunities as I could to learn from people, exploring new and needed ways to help create a better experience for anyone using Yogull.

John Proctor

Ceo and owner Yogull.com

Yogull is ready to start growing again

After a slow launch, mainly being exhausted by 8 years of development and changing trends, I had the misfortune of being hit by a drunk driver whilst out walking. This has given me the unwanted continuing experience of a head injury (known as TBI).

Although many would accept a dullness of life, I for some reason have been able to go in a different direction, mainly powered by believing and not wanting to give up on a dream. The dream for Yogull to be successful has luckily being carved in stone and wedged into my mind. Continuing to drive me 5 years on is the reality of getting inundated visits to Yogull. I have enabled my convalescing around the new development of my platform. A massive plus side of being able to get the IT team to connect a variety of software options that I have collated in the last 5 years is that these items are available to purchase at great costs directly from the developers, or with the connection to Yogull, can be used as an advertising member. Being the owner of the agency licenses, I wish for you to have a true benefit teaming up with Yogull.

My Yogull dream

Putting everything in one place, posts to videos, sharing etc giving you more time to go about a productive day.

Now that Yogull has advertisers around the world. I am proud to be the owner of the world's most differently used social advertising platform.
Advertising, marketing, sales and social media.
Your energy will motivate me!

We also provide these great services

Banners Images

Designed With A Great Impact for Visiting Customers.

Logo Designing

Brand Recognition. Your Logo Is One Thing People Notice First About A Business.

Branding Impact Videos

Stunning Video. Live Action Animations, Logo Intros, Video Transitions, Filters, Cinematic Text And More! A Great Way To Put Yourself In Front Of Customer.

Scheduled Multi Media Posting

Social Media Presence And Ease 24/7 By Automatically Scheduling Posts.

Reach different heights with Yogull!

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Company profile page
Complete your company details and share
Direct profile chat box
Have private conversations with potential clients
Direct email box
Send and receive, without the hassle of opening your email account
Blog wall with static banner ad
Promote your company logo and brand
6 advertisements
Store your ad’s and share to your social media
PayPal for every advert
Your very own PayPal button code, except payments direct
Photo album
Unlimited storage, upload images of your products and services
Social connect button
One click connects you to your current media sites
Blog wall with Video banner wall presentation
Upload a personal video message, first impressions count
6 advertisements with SEO optimisation/ embedded links to your website
Your adverts optimised, directing visitors to your website
X 2 per month direct to Yogull members bulk email marketing
Emails sent to all Yogull members, let them know what you do
12 advertisements with SEO optimisation/embedded links to your website/ Google maps/ plus video marketing
Connect and position your company with the world
X 2 scheduled social posts per day
Our active matrix posting platform will drive traffic to your adverts
Your own category search group listing
Your company listed in the Yogull category directory
6 country wall website linking advertising boxes
Your company adverts will appear on worldwide and country searches, one click directs potential customer to your website
X 4 per month direct to Yogull members bulk email marketing
Use this feature to promote your companies special offers
Full Set-Up of your Yogull Account      

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    (+44) 077-1177-6304

     Investing In Yogull.com:


    Brain Injury Survivor continually receiving Support from Headway Derby. Their lovely staff and volunteers constantly work hard with a variety of Injured people. Helping Survivors a way to accept their disabilities, helping them with new ways to move forward.

    All head Injury Survivors using their able qualities are trying to find ways to Support Injured misfortunes.  

    I have decided to ask all potential advertisers, their permission for Yogull.com to Support the Charities efforts while being able to promote their company and products within the Hub’s Platform

    Supporting a Charity for injuries that I hope are never around the corner for anyone, I feel compelled to urge you to do the same. 

    Yogull.com is offering unusually low social advertising costs for everyone concerned.

    I hope this appeals to you. For the low annual price  £24.00

    Please Click “The Join With Us” Button 

    At the bottom of this text.

    Advertising Revenue:

     Headway Derby will receive 50%, the other 50% will fund ongoing costs, maintenance, hosting, plus work that may need to be outsourced to benefit your business and the running of Yogull.com.  

    Supportive and Appealingno Brainer”—-pardon the pun—- Going for “PREMIUM PLUS SUPPORT PACKAGE” I am sure you will agree, is a very inexpensive advertising annual cost, offering additional ways to find, connect and put your company brand with the list of your services, directly in front of potential customers.

    Supporting the Charity will not overpower the direct and professional way you will be dealt with, making links to be seen and found in other ways.

    Increasing your brand loyalty:

    Sponsoring a Charity is a business deal, rather than a Charitable donation. Companies choose to Sponsor a Charity in order to align their PR activity with a cause-related issue that enables them to build or increase their reputation amongst their target market. 

    Tax reasons:

    Within the UK  generally, you can deduct contributions up to 30% or 50% of your adjusted gross income depending on the nature and Tax-Exempt status of the Charity to which you’re giving. You can deduct contributions of appreciated capital gains assets up to 20% of your AGI.

    Headway Derby would be happy to discuss this further with you, please request information.

    (other countries may have financial Support systems in place, you would need to check).

    Yogull The World the complete Social Media Marketing Hub.  Helping to “Move” your Brand,  Head Injury Convalescence with Charity Support “Forward”.

    Yogull.com is not connected to Headway Derby. It is run and controlled by a Head Injury Survivor using something I made before my injury, hopefully, you will Support the Charity.

    Headway Derby is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales ( Charity No. 11078* ) and is a Company Limited by Guarantee ( 04658** ) registered in England.

    A forwarding Headway Derby Charity receipt, with thanks for your donation received, will be forwarded to your Yogull.com connecting email.


    Other Charities for your Support can be requested at the same price per package advertising, with a 50% contribution being made to the Charity you have chosen.

    Kind Regards

    John Proctor

    Owner and CEO Yogull.com

    Tutorial Coming Soon…