Hey, gang today I want to talk about the
word post or posting. I hate it. It’s up there with moist post moist. Well, I rather hate the concept. I get this question a lot it’s probably one of the most common
questions I get when I do speaking engagements or talk to clients.
It’s about posting. How much should I post? What should I post? What should I
say in my post? So today I want to tell you STOP! Stop obsessing about posting.
Let me give you 3 things you can do instead. First: what is your story?
What do you stand for? What’s your vision, your mission? What are
your passions? What’s this business all about? HAHAHAH my cats are very passionate about
what I’m doing right now Tell that story Start with your website. If you don’t
have a page on your website that tells your story you need to start that now. So
I was looking for stories of brands that do really well at telling their story
and the one that came to mind stands out to me and I’m sure to other people is
NOBULL as an N-O-B-U-L-L and yes it’s NOBULL as a no-bullshit. It’s a
sports apparel company, shoes, and other stuff and if you go to their website
they have a story page and what I love about their story page is that they
stick true to their name There’s no bull but they also focus on
their audiences. They use the word “you” a lot. They refer directly to their people.
That’s the difference between a brand that just says, hey I have a great shoe
buy it because it’s great and the brand that says we’re dedicated to
making a great shoe no bullshit so that you can win, putting in your hard work
and effort. We appreciate that. We recognize that. it’s not gonna be the
shoe that’s gonna do it for you but we have the confidence that you will get
there. 2: you need to listen What are the moods online? What are the
trends? What are your audiences into? Who do they follow? What hashtags do they
follow? Those are all gonna give you clues for what to write for what content
to create that’s gonna catch them that’s gonna bring them to you. And invite
participation. If you don’t know ask them on social media, ask them in
private. But you gotta listen 3: now that you’ve listened the third thing
to do is to give them what they want Every single person faced with a
decision as to whether or not to look at your post and buy your product they’re
gonna subconsciously think what’s in it for me and that decision gets made very
very very fast. So what’s in it for me us Us social media audiences
we’re very selfish. We’re there to fulfill some fairly personal needs. Like,
I want to be entertained. I want to laugh I want those likes on my picture so I
feel better about myself. What’s in it for me? When you craft those posts and
now that you’ve listened to them and that should have given you some clues as
to what buttons you can push to get them to take action on your behalf to now
engage with your post. To actually listen to your story. To believe your content. To
wanna buy from you. So in conclusion 3 fairly simple things. Stop
obsessing about posting, tell your story listen to your audiences, and give them
what they want.

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