– Welcome to The Journey, and today we’re gonna talk about how to use social media to
build your personal brand. Hey, it’s Emma over
here at GoDaddy Social, I’m our local outreach manager. And today, I’m really excited to be joined with my co-host, Justin Nealey. Hey Justin, what’s up? – Hey Emma, how are you? – I’m good. – We’re actually gonna
use a real-life use-case. We have an employee, Isaac Irvine. – You didn’t tell me this. – Surprise. – Oh my gosh. (laughing) – Isaac Irvine is one of our basically personal
brand gurus at work. And we’re gonna check out some of the things that he’s doing and how you all can use
it in the real world. Ready to get started? – Absolutely, let’s do it. – Your personal brand is
really just your reputation or what people think about you. And we’re gonna use Isaac Irvine to kind of demonstrate some of these qualities. So when we figure out what
that personal brand is, the most important thing
is trying to figure out what you wanna be known for. What sets you apart from everyone else. So looking at Isaac’s profile, what do you think he’s all about? What is he trying to, what is he setting himself apart for? – Okay cool, yeah. So I was just glancing at this, I get the very like, he’s deep-rooted in being husband and dad. 80’s kid also. Really proud of his
position over at GoDaddy. And he loves talking about
internal communications. And I see a lot of positivity in the posting too, the voice. It’s very uplifting. – Right. He really talks about his
family is what’s the backbone of all he does. So a lot of the videos he does and things he talks
about is about his family and him being a dad and helping them out and really setting himself apart from that way. So at the end of the day, that’s what he wants to be known for, just a rad dad that’s tattooed up, that likes Star Wars and
likes to be with his kids. – And I got that impression
when I met him in person too. – Yeah. – So this really lines up, the personal brand online lines up offline. Is that a really big
important thing you think when it comes to businesses and- – You have to be consistent, right? – Personal brands? Yeah. – You gotta really show the real you. So it’s super important
to be consistent with it. So what’s the biggest
part of social media? What do you think the
biggest driving factor is, why do we have social media? – Well one of my favorite things, and I think while it
has existed to this day, is that offers us a two-way street, a two-way dialogue. – Right. – So you can give, sure
information about your brand, how you wanna run your business, what makes you, you. But you can also have a conversation then with your target audience. – Yes, absolutely. – So you build that rapport even before they come into your business, while they’re at your business after they’ve left your business. And that to me is what makes
social media so exciting. – Yes. – Really embrace the social. – Right? Social media is about being social. Like we have to have conversations. What I see a lot of people do, really with building their personal brand, they try to make it all
about me, me, me, me, me. – Oh my gosh, tell me about it. – They don’t actually just talk to people and say hey that’s really cool, I like that shirt, or hey I had ice cream there and start that conversation. If you could look at Isaac
Irvine’s Twitter here, you can kind of see all the
things that he’s retweeting and commenting on and liking. And really just having that
conversation, being engaged. It’s crucial. And a common misconception
about a personal brand is it’s not all about him. It’s not all about that person. It’s about how he helps the community and those that he’s trying to serve. – And you can see that with
what he’s retweeting too on Twitter. It’s also things that are relevant to his personal brand, but it’s not him just pushing
this content out there as original content. It’s like hey, I read this super, great article that is
relevant to what I’m about but it’s by this guy named Bob. So that also builds
potential relationships with other people in the industry, which is just a domino effect for potential success. I love that. – And it’s really awesome too,
to build those relationships because there are people that will help you build that community, and that you can compliment. – This also works really
well in your personal lives or dating lives. Like, make it a conversation. If you just sit down for dinner and you just talk about
yourselves all the time, you’re not getting that second date. – All right, I’m getting
dating advice, I love it. So with social media and personal brand, like yes you wanna have
those conversations. You also wanna create your own content or just let people into your life. And I love Instagram for that reason. Instagram stories are fantastic to just go quick little 10-second video of cool this is my day
or here’s what I’m doing, and help people really relate to you and just open up. – I’m a huge fan of Instagram stories. – It’s all about the gram. – I love it. – Cool, so you have
this great understanding of using social media
for your personal brand. And the next step is
really to just experiment. Figure out what you can do and kind of go beyond just
staying in your comfort zone. It’s really easy to just be a thing and just post random
pictures of yourself all day. But like if you check out
Isaac’s Instagram here. – Yeah, I just pulled that up. – He’s got a lot of random stuff. – There’s a ton of variety. – So really what catches your eye when you look at his profile? – Well, I instantly wanted
to have a good chuckle ’cause I’m seeing him
in a Santa Claus outfit. And I wanna click on this just because what could that caption possibly be? – And Santa Claus in April, all right. – Oh well, when you
forget your hoodie at home and grab a jacket you have lying around to warm up and it fits perfectly. – He really is living his best life and showing people how
he’s living that best life. – Definitely. I see that. And you’re right about experimentation when it comes to your personal
brand on social media, it’s not like one size fits all, here’s your guidebook, just follow that, you’ll do great. No, you have to do trial and error. Check the analytics and
metrics and see what works. – And what works for
Isaac may not work for you or whoever else with a personal brand. You gotta experiment with
video, with captions, with images, with storytelling, with Instagram Stories, go on and have conversations on Twitter, maybe check out LinkedIn. Whatever is relevant to your brand. Try it out. At the end of the day
you’ll figure out it works, awesome keep going, and if it doesn’t, scratch that off to not do in the future. – Yeah exactly. ‘Cause his audience is unique to him. It’s personal. Hey look he went to Voodoo Donuts. – I’m hungry. – Justin, thank you so much for coming in, this was super helpful, very personable. And if you want more videos like this subscribe to our channel. Look out for what we’ve done and what we’re gonna do in the future.

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