I’m Ukgamer808 and today we’re looking at FS 19 new mods in the mobs in testing the list so let’s go and have a look to see what’s going on so going back to yesterday’s mods in testing for PC and the failures we have the Coon primal The 2060s the lizard bail lifts the lizard from manure spreader the lizard road rage the man TGS skipper the man TGS IT runner placeable farm solo selling station and somerset farms so going on for modern tests and failures for console and we have a campaign of France chicken coop cows barn CS said equipment pack excavator Liebe Air New Holland t6 our DCFS 19 the hill of Slovenian Westbridge Hills so that’s a lot for failures for yesterday so go into mods in testing for today PC we have the Grammatik sm-3 the Bednar TC 21000 the been our uni disc a bucket dairy barn Emily melodious is back in and then the fill level warning is a new one fleming bell lifter is back and the i TS winter park laylee p300 solid harvester lizard arrow mix lizard tryout sort low loader metal fat you 8 1 8 pound worm to k-19 placeable details pack seasons geo USA eastern and the bike on peas ed hey Bob 300 today rake so modern testing new in for console and we have the Amazon ADP super pack billboard JCB for three 5s the John Deere W three zero the pack is back and then tempis adapter so that must have been the other one what was the adapter and they did have a brand then we have the Massey Ferguson 7700 s and the Pottinger Nova Alpena MOA the Venice premium in TT growl 20,000 and that easy a lot 56 mods are awaiting testing and workdays is on four days so what about the mod hub update we ve had some mods so let’s go and see what we got and basically today new mods are five round bales kraler wheelbarrow ducks fart 9 series farmhouse than the brick house the Towser lizard wonder what the hell that was season’s geo Minnesota USA then IT Werner for solos is an update as well as placeable straw barn and the edge grain silos so that’s your lot for today I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode and if you did always appreciate you smash that like button for me and if you enjoy mods intestines then go and check out some of my other videos I’ll do new mods and maps ores and various other stuff you’d be surprised what’s their thanks for watching and I will see you next time As found on Youtube
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