Alright it’s time for our daily holiday this morning we are marking national compliment day today I like it not only are compliments appreciated by the receiver I think they kind of lift the spirit of the giver to you feel good that you should somebody feel good about themselves compliments provide a quick and easy way to connect positively with those that you come into contact with and it can form bonds it can it can obviously start positivity gets rid of loneliness it’s just plain it makes people feel good so it does make a point today to compliment at least five at least five at least five people you need to compliment so I Phil you’re doing a great job on the cameras today so Frank you look nice I like your outfit all right aren’t these flowers pretty who brought these flowers in there really nice that’s three right no I don’t think they’re ours that’s not I’m complimenting the flowers or whoever mate whoever made these flowers you did a great job all right ok Eric our directors filling in for for James who’s out sick today James I hope you’re feeling better by the way Eric you’re doing a fantastic job so let’s see is that for fine he said thank you by the way um let’s see who else could I compliment what ok I do like that color on you ok oh very nice that’s very kind of you am I done how about you and Annie from you I’m gonna wear at while you go do your you always do such a great job in the weather I’m malayan won’t do that there’s one thing I’ll do my compliments afterwards ok alright sounds good As found on Youtube
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