Yogull Personal gives you the power to monitor the progress of all your 'Social Media Base' directly from one place, which gives you the ability to find more people, upload posts and share 'Quickly and Easily'. Saving you time and money.

By uploading your adverts and text, then remembering the correct 'Hashtags' to maximise your visabilty can become a thing of the past with Yogull. Sharing from one base everything becomes easier!

For example, you can directly share to all your media.

Yogull 'It's Your Media World'!

So you can have all of your 'Social Media', plus complete operation and visibility of your Website within your Yogull page, driving traffic and future customers to you, to make sure you keep up to date with your complicated 'Personal Media World'.

Yogull users will be able to interact on their different 'Social Media Sites' as before, but all from one place. Therefore receiving more Likes, Shares and Tweets. Your whole 'Media World' has come together in your 'Yogull Media Controlled Base'. Brilliant! Life made easier!

Once you are connected to the Yogull system, you can share to all Yogull members, including people you have never contacted before. Yogull is about connecting! Brilliant! Life made easier!

Yogull's 'Social Media Control Base' makes it easy to build backlinks and generate traffic from nine or more different social networks..

It’s your World. Make the most of it!

No other Website/Media Base offers multiple connectivity and visability to your Social Media and Websites all from one place.


With Yogull Active you will receive all of the Yogull Personal benefits. Yogull Active will help you to promote whatever you want. For example it helps you to make links with the relevant and interested people, or even to help you to connect your PayPal Account. It can be used as the ultimate Social Media Business Base. Brilliant! Life made easier!

Yogull Active is your own self-developed platform, which helps you to simplify your Internet Marketing with ease.

Every time someone comes on to the site, your adverts will appear on the left side of a rolling worldwide wall and they are clickable to where ever you request. On the right side of the wall are S.E.O powered adverts, which will link to your business web pages. Reaching out to people in the specified country of your choice.

This is perfect for anyone looking to grow connections, build traffic

or promoting an Online Marketing Business.

Now you can control your Social Media Base much faster!

• Promote your products to a wider more targeted audience easier.

• Sell a new book or water filter.

• Promote flight offers and holiday accomadation, concert tickets, electronic games, your restaurant,

gym, church fete, or coffee morning, the list goes on.

• Visitors will be able to make bookings directly to main stream holiday companies, linking to

promotions and special offers.

• If you have a hotel or guesthouse, people can link through your Yogull adverts to make a booking.

Market with Yogull 'Yogull the world' - just watch how you can build

awareness and improve your Google rankings, using our unique Active Matrix.

Whether you just want an easy way to have everything in one place or connect with friends and colleagues, want to get the very best out of all your Social Media Marketing, or start to see better financial returns.


Promote your flight offers, your new coffee brand, your used car, magazine, restaurant or beauty products.

Yogull Premium is the ultimate package – It’s for the people who want to expand their business to a wider audience and for those who want to make the most of the myriad of Social Media opportunities without a major cost. It has everything you can possibly need for £3.00 a month.

You can create twelve shareable adverts for the left hand side of your own Yogull Premium page. You can then create another six advertisements with SEO capabilities, which will go on the right hand side of your target audience’s page.

Importantly, as a Yogull Premium customer, your SEO advertisements will give you a better Google positioning.

With this service you can put all your photographs ie products, business or personal in one album – making downloading very easy, not just on Yogull but where ever you want to use or send them...e.g Facebook, Google, LinkedIn etc.

You will also see your website advertisement links appearing on the right hand side of specifically targeted walls all over Yogull, the SEO work has already been done for you. You can change the adverts daily. There’s a bulkmail system, social media set up with automatic daily posts. We help you do it automatically so you never miss an opportunity to post.

You can use the private chat box to communicate with enquiries, or use the Skype and Yogull e mail facilities. You can upload videos about your company and services; specify regions of the world you want to focus on; put on your business location with Google Earth links for prospective buyers to see exactly where to find you and your products.

We can even design your website for you and all the Social Media around it, although for this there are extra charges.

Importantly, our system doesn’t just stop at Yogull. We use our unique Active Matrix program to drive people from across the Internet to wherever you want (like direct to your website), and to power you up the Google rankings.

People can buy on your site or through Yogull. They can even post ratings on your wall using TripAdvisor, it can do whatever you want it to do.

Yogull is one big social community; one big Social Media Business Base; and one big selling opportunity!! There is simply nothing like it. And it connects productively to the whole Internet.

And that's not the end of it, every day we will have new ideas!

Yogull 'It's Your World'!

A bargain on air fares to Berlin? Yogull the World!

Curry Favour with 2 for 1 on meals at your Indian Restaurant? Yogull the World!

Girl's or Guy's night out? Yogull the World!

A shocking offer on a new electric car? Yogull the World!


Yogull is whatever you want it to be or whatever you want to make it. An easy Social Media Base, an entrepreneur's ultimate business tool!

We simply cannot tell you all the exciting things we can do for you – it’s the best value package on the Internet.

Yogull Premium – now it really is your World!


What are you waiting for? Start Yogulling!


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