With the obvious explosion in Social Media,

how about being able to control all of your Media directly from one place.

Pages -- Groups -- Video Links -- Profiles

Your Complete Website.

And Much More!

If you are a business owner, an online marketer or striving to develop your business, Yogull offers an easy way to bring everything together to one place. Making your daily Media activity more manageable. We know this can normally be difficult, so we thought we would make it easier, and put everything at one location!

Your able to invite unlimited amounts of people to your video wall, where they can view a full page-width sized video banner at the top of your page, explaining who you are, and what you do. A great way to let people see who they will be are dealing with. They will be able to connect directly to unlimited amounts of your click box ads, that will direct them to your selected website pages, exactly where you need them to be.

So here it is ... Your one 'Stop Media Control Base'.

Before you go on, you need to know that we are enthusiastic at Yogull. We get excited about opportunities to connect your Social Media to a quick and easy Control Base. Press the Look Inside button 'positioned top right of all Yogull pages'for more details. Connecting with Yogull is guaranteed to help your business and we certainly are not finished yet!

In fact, Yogull will always be coming up with new ideas to help you

Connect with your 'Multiple Daily Media', ‘Activities’.

We are sure this will increase your presence online and here is how we can help.

Our Yogull Packages Explained in 3 Stages.

1. YOGULL PERSONAL – Using the Personal level, gives you two fixed advertisement uploads to share on all your 'Social Media Sites' from one webpage – putting your ads at the top of a rolling Yogull main wall and country of your choice. More than that, you get a ‘Personal Profile’ and ‘Video Wall’ to let everyone know who you are. Your wall will opperate as your own blog, keeping vistors upto date with links and pictures. Two adverts clickable to your own Yogull webpage, where you can put additional links directing potential customers to a place of your choice.

For example: Your Webpage offers, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and all your 'Social Media' can all be easily connected here, allowing you to keep up to date with your complicated personal world, whether it is your mate on holiday in Australia sending ''Facebook pictures of kangaroos', the latest tweet from Richard Branson telling you 'how he has made his latest Million', or a request for help from a former colleague via LinkedIn. Your whole world comes together on one wall. Happy Days! Life made easier.

One page opens up your World.

Yogull is about being friends with everyone. The whole site is a community.

2. YOGULL ACTIVE – Now everyone can make money on the Internet. Whether you simply want to sell that brand new exercise machine you never use, or you would like to connect with people in another country.

Yogull Active will help you promote whatever you want, making links with relevant and interested people. By helping you sort out a Paypal account, it can be used as the ultimate ''Social Media Business Control Base'.

Your own ‘Self-Developed Media Contol Base’ allows you to become an expert in Internet Marketing with ease.

Anyone can have a go!

Of course, this is perfect for anyone that would like to build a small business.

Now you can build your Media Platforms so much faster and promote your products to a wider and more targeted audience easier. From selling your new book, promoting your golf bookings, concert tickets, electronic games, your restaurant bar or gym.

Link your company to us and 'Yogull the world' - just watch how we build awareness, using our unique Active Matrix.

Visitors will be able to make bookings directly to main stream holiday companies, linking to promotions and special offers.

If you own or manage a hotel or guesthouse, people can link through your Yogull adverts to make a booking.

Market with Yogull 'Yogull The World'

Just watch how you can build awareness and improve your Google Rankings, using our unique Active Matrix.

Whether you just want an easy way to have everything in one place or connect with friends and colleagues, maybe you want to get the very best out of all your 'Social Media Marketing', or start to see better financial returns.

3. YOGULL PREMIUM – For the people who are serious about their business and want to build, grow and expand to a wider audience, or for those who want to make the most of their Social Media Opportunities without the cost. It has everything you can possibly want for £3.00 a month.

Promote your flight offers, your new coffee brand, a new car, magazines, restaurant or beauty products.

We can even design your Website for you, although for this there are extra charges.

Using our unique Active Matrix program to drive people to wherever you want, for example, direct to your website, we can move you up the Google Rankings, link you to Google Earth to show people your business locations, or connection you to Tripadviser to provide reviews.

We simply cannot tell you all the exciting things we can do for you in this limited space here.

Yogull 'It's Your World'!

A bargain on air fares to Berlin?

Yogull the World!

Curry favour with 2 for 1 on meals at your Indian restaurant?

Yogull the World!


A shocking offer on a new electric car?

Yogull the World!

Make yourself constructive!

Let the World Yogull you!

Yogull is whatever you want it to be; and whatever you make it. Fun and easy 'Social Media Control Base'; or an entrepreneur's ultimate business tool.

What are you waiting for? Start Yogulling!


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